Thursday, June 9, 2011

And the Sex is.....

Once upon a time there was a single girl named Michael who was also unemployed. One afternoon she was watching a daytime talk show as this was her habit at the time. This show had a special guest, a Dr., and the whole hour was dedicated to becoming a happier healthier person. As the girl was in a slump, unemployment will do that do you, and she so wanted to make a change the she decided to watch the show and take notes. The Dr went on about eating right and exercise and habits that happy healthy people have like wearing your seatbelt and flossing your teeth every night. The girl was fascinated and decided she would  she would spend her grocery money on the good Dr's book.

Dedicated to becoming healthier and happier the girl spent days studying the words the Dr wrote in his book. Tackling the book like a text book from college; highlighting sections, making notes in the margins, and researching additional information online. The girl vowed she would live her life as the Dr had instructed expect for one little thing.

The Dr said happy healthy people have sex 3 times a week. The girl was sad. She was single and thought the Dr was referring to couples because having sex 3 times a week with random strangers would put her health at risk and make her slutty.

Fast Forward 4 years the girl is now employed and no longer single. The girl has also forgone most of what the kind Dr told her to do she does wear her seatbelt and floss her teeth but she exercises randomly and eats out to much. But the one rule she never ignores is having sex at least 3 times a week.

The girl's BF would like to thank Oprah and Dr. Oz for giving the girl such good advice.


  1. What do you think happens to the people who are having sex more often than that?

  2. That you are very busy and in need of a nap

  3. I can assure you this doctor knows nothing about being a WAHM with young twins. I'm lucky if... well, nevermind.

  4. Heidi I am impressed you have time to breathe let alone the nevermind. Maybe when they go off to college!!!!

  5. Hehe! Good for you, MJ!

    I've gotta say, I feel much healthier now that I'm in a sexual relationship than when I was single. :)


    p.s. I'm here from #FBF Chasing_Joy


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