Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cushion for the Pushin

 I have really been trying to eat healthy and exercise.
  • I have been cooking healthy meals.
  • I have tried to exercise every night.
  • I mostly drink water instead of soda.... some days I cave but I never drink the whole thing.
  • I only have one handful of popcorn when we go to the movie.
  • I have been denying myself candy bars.
And I have slowly been losing weight and adopting all sorts of healthy habits but last night I came to the startling conclusion that The BF is trying to keep my fat. I don’t know why. On the outside he appears to be supportive of my healthy choices but then he does stuff like bring me cake. I didn’t even need to ask for it he just brought me a piece of left over birthday cake and ice cream. He was so sweet about it how do you say no?

Then he ran to the store for something or other and came back with 2-12 packs of my favorite beer (I’m pretty sure he didn’t even get the thing he wanted) and a quart of my favorite ice cream. I tried to explain that I can’t eat or drink any of that and he said a beer every now and then wont kill you. I tried to explain the insane amount of calories in the beer and i was told you eat a lot of salad you will be fine.

I am not sure what I am going to do but I am wishing I had not thrown out my fat clothes I think I am going to need them.


  1. Willpower! Stay strong! Maybe make the weight loss into a contest or competition that your BF can judge or be apart of. Or you can just treat yourself in moderation as long as you do well any other time (like a treat or two a week).


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