Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lets all Watch it BURN!!!!

I love a summer storm; warm weather, slight breeze, and a light rain. And yesterday that's what I thought I was getting a nice summer rain storm but that's not what happened. Instead we got a lightening storm. You know the kind of storm that shakes the windows and rattles the doors. And while we were all looking out the window we saw lightening strike the mountain. Soon after I notice smoke on the mountain and after a brief moment of what the hell is that, a call was made to 911 to report a fire on the mountain.

All of this is not a big deal, the fire was put out quickly, no homes were damaged and you cant even tell where the fire was by looking at the mountain today. Soon after the fire started burning we noticed people from all over town start driving up and down the street. First I was confused, our office is on a street that is a little busy but this is ridiculous; then the people start parking and getting out of their cars with binoculars.

We did have the best advantage point to watch our little brush fire and its a small town so not much else to do but don't people have jobs and families. Can they really all just stop what they are doing to watch a little baby fire at a moments notice? And how did everyone hear about it so fast? Seriously it was with in 5 minutes and the street was full of cars all watching the fire.

I of course went outside and took some pictures. Can't let everyone else have all the fun with out me and I was already right there!!!


  1. People love a reason to get out of the house no matter how big or small.

  2. Especially in small towns when nothing else is going on. lol

  3. Fire on the mountain! Run boys, run!!


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