Friday, July 1, 2011

Boys Named Mike

Throughout the course of my life it has come to my attention a time or two that Michael is some times used as a boys name.

The first time this was really clear to me I was in Jr.High, one day we had a substitute teacher who during roll call (where it was obvious all the kids were switching names) got to my name when I answered with a clear and polite yes. She stopped looked at me and said if you are going to change names you should at least change names with someone not a boy. I told her that my name is Michael but she insisted that I was lying. I was almost in tears when in a moment of unity against the evil tyrant all the kids in my class keeping saying her name is Michael. Still not believing me she wrote a note to our teacher saying I was the ring leader in a revolt against her.

While in college every year when filling out the paperwork I would have to fill out additional paperwork explaining why I don’t have to register for the draft. Not just the 1st year but every year, at some point don’t you think someone would remember hey she’s a girl but no!!!! In fact one year I received some mail from the draft board with my draft card I guess someone didn’t realize that the F in the Sex column meant female...I am not even going to imagine what they thought it meant. They requested I look over the information and return it with any corrections. I quickly changed the M in sex to F send it back and thankful never heard form them again.

And in more recent months both my sisters are dating boys named Mike. Okay so maybe the Health Nut sister is not dating a Mike more like went out on a date with a Mike but my Baby sister has had an on again off again romance with Mike (they are two different Mikes...apparently its a very popular name for boys). She claims she tried to call him Michael but it wasn't working for her.

I am not sure what’s wrong with these people because everyone knows Michael is a girl's name just ask my parents.


  1. I am thinking I was in that class in Jr High. I actually told that story to my husband before I could show him who you were on FB. I can imagine how angry you might have been on that day, but it still stands out in my mind as a day of unity against a mean sub. :)

  2. I was almost in tears and if my fellow students had stood by me I would have burst into tears. I think its funny that its a day that stuck out to you also. Thanks for having my back. lol.


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