Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Am Just a Lil Evil

My mother is incredibly mean to me. She is always asking me to do things like visit her, drive her to the store but recently she has reached an all time low. She acts like just because she was in hard labor for 24 hours (which I don't believe) I should do things like paint her toenails!!!!

I don't like feet. Well I like my feet, i have really cute feet, but I don't like other people’s feet. People walk around barefooted and get germs on their feet and now my mom is laying a quilt trip on me because she is having surgery on her foot and she wants pretty toenails. Which is weird because she is NOT the girl.

I said I would do it but that I get to pick the color. This made her nervous. I promised no black, gray or the purple that is so dark it looks black (my 3 year old niece's favorite). I didn't promise I wouldn't paint them bright pink with sparkles. She hates pink. That could be fun for me. Or maybe that weird green color that almost makes your foot looks like you have a fungus. hehehehe.

Is it wrong that I am thinking evil thoughts about painting my mom's toenails? I really hope so!!!


  1. Honey! I would pass out if I had to paint my mom's toes. I can't do it. Take her to get a pedi and that will solve the problem.


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