Thursday, June 23, 2011

One is the Loneliest Number, Thank Goodness

Now that I am all moved in to with The BF and everything is going good, really it is. There is one little thing. And really it’s just minor barely worth a mention except its oh so important to me.

I don’t have any alone time!!!

Believe it or not I have always had time I can spend by myself. My mom likes to tell a story of when I was a toddler leaving me on a blanket with some toys and I would stay there and play all by myself. Then as I got older and had siblings I would just escape to my room and ignore my family.

And not matter how many roommates I had or if I had a live in boyfriend I always had a place I could escape to and read, listen to music or just ponder the questions of the Universe. Even when I lived with my sister and had my 2 nieces running to tell me every little detail of their very cute little lives, I still had my alone time.

But now I am never alone. There is always someone around. I don’t have time to think except when I am driving back and forth to work and I really need to be paying attention to what I am doing at this time not day dreaming.

I know that this is the reality of family life but it an issue I had not considered before I moved in and I am really struggling with wanting everyone to leave me alone.


  1. Sounds like you might be an introvert. I Love people, but I too need a place to spend some time alone occasionally. I call it decompressing. If their is some activity that your BF does regularly that doesn't interest you as much, perhaps you can make that me time. Or go out for a brisk walk on your own and grab a cup of coffee and read a book. Than you can come back and share space again.

    Coming over from #commenthour BTW

  2. If you were able to find alone time living with your sis, you'll be able to do it again (though, I must say it's more difficult when sharing a bedroom). I recently had to cut out "girl time" because it got me out of the house, but I still wasn't alone with me...and I like me, so I need me (says the mother of five.)

    Thinking of you!


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