Friday, June 24, 2011

I Love the Smell of Napalm...The Sequel

This morning I realized I am a masochist. I am not sure what other wonder I was use to describe someone who LOVES the smells of things that cause your allergies to go into overdrive.

As I write this I am high on allergy pills all because I had to stop and smell the grass!!! That’s right the grass. I love the smell of freshly cut wet grass and I just happen to be highly allergic to grass. So now I have itchy eyes and a stuffy nose because I stood outside my care for several minutes enjoying the sights and smells this morning.

My problem is that I was not always allergic to things in fact I went my entire childhood not knowing why people complained about summer. Then I went to college and after a year developed allergies to the very air I breathe. And because I have not always been allergic to things I grew up enjoying certain smells that now send me running to the pharmacy to beg for medicine behind the counter.

And grass is not the only thing I am allergic to that I enjoy. At the top of the list are lilacs. I love the smell of lilacs but they hate me. I use to have lilacs around every spring but now if I were to get to close to a lilac bush I would be rushed to the emergency room in need of several breathing treatments. As soon as I start seeing those beautiful bushes bloom I stay inside as much as possible.

But wait there is one more thing that I love the smell of and I can not be around and this one is WEIRD!!!! I love the smell of hay. Yup that's right hay. And growing up in small towns we are always surrounded by hay fields and I use to love the outdoorsy almost alfalfa smell of hay. But now when farmers are cutting their hay fields I cry (well not really but I am all red and puffy like I have been crying). And did you know that farmers cut their hay 3-4 times in the growing season so essentially I can’t breathe all summer long. Its one of the many perks of hay.

I Love the Smell of Naplam Part 1

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