Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shoot Me I had to Pee

The other day I was talking to a friend via cell phone and we were actually talking and not texting) sometime I forget I can actually make calls with my cell phone). And we were having one of those really funny conversations that you can only have with good friends. You know the kind of friend were you know each other so well and you are telling a story and they totally get why its funny and when you tell the same story to your mom she looks at you like your crazy.

When all the sudden I realized that she was peeing while talking to me, I started laughing and she asked what’s funny.

I asked,” Are you peeing?"

Sheepishly she answered, "Yes".

I then tell her "I am peeing too."

This causes you both to laugh some more. It’s possible we were both drinking wine also but I am pretty sure we would have laughed without the wine.

And I realize this is another one of those stories that my mom would look at me like I am crazy and say something like it’s not polite to talk on the phone while you are going the bathroom.

But I am pretty sure my mom did that the other day while I was talking to her on the phone.


  1. It is really good to have friends that really get you. Stopping by after #commenthour

  2. hehe...

    btw, you have to explain to me what #commenthour is.


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