Monday, June 27, 2011

Please Keep your Opinions to Yourself

I have heard a lot of weird statements from people in my life. Most of them are insensitive statements but I am a good natured person so unless I am already cranky I just roll with it and let it good. No sense letting people upset because they are insensitive rude or just plain idiots.
  • Did your parents want a boy?
  • Your the next to get married!
  • Its not like he'she is your real dad/brother/sister!
What? Are you telling me that someone is not my family? Do you even know what family is? Just because someone is not biologically my family member does not mean they are not my family. Family to me are the people who laugh with you durung the good times, cry with you when you are sad, cheer for you when you are up and let you lean on them when your down. And sharing the same DNA does not have anything to do with it.

Being that my parents divorced before I was in grade school it’s a fair guess that 1 or more of my siblings is technically not my full sibling but why is it your business and why do you care? And why is it so important to you that you need to go out of your way of making a comment like, "He is just your stepbrother why are you so sad he died?" I will tell you why...because he was my brother.

And for your information since you need to label people to make yourself feel better, I have 1 brother, 2 half-sisters, 1 half-sister, 1 step-brother, 1 sister-in-law and briefly I had 2 step-sister. But to me they are just my siblings and I love them all.


  1. UGH don't you just hate rude people? Sorry you had to deal with stupid people! Your family is your family and that is that. Stay awesome, Michael! :-)

  2. Great post. Family is how YOU define it, not others. Rock on!

  3. It's truly amazing what people think they need to say..and end up being rude and insensitive. I am with you..we have many people in our "family" who are not blood related but share holidays and trials and joys with us as if they had the same gene pool. Keep it up!

  4. Nothing pisses me off more than to hear someone ask Eric or have someone in his family say "His step-children" Excuse me! What the hell is that. Tell him they aren't his children and he will knock you the hell out.
    Or the division of "I have 4 real grandchildren and 2 step" Ummmm are the step not real? or are they fake?
    How do you look at children and say their not yours when they have been in the family for 8 years which is 4 years longer than your biological ones? And they call you grandma and grandpa?
    How is it they feel differently? My two older ones do not feel half the love for their baby brother over full love for each other. Ok I will hop down off my soap box!
    Yah people are jack A's

  5. People just don't think before speaking do they! Glad to find your blog. Thanks for stopping by Adventures In The Kitchen.

  6. Awesome point. I have a half sister, two stepsisters, one sister and one brother.
    My hubby's oldest sister was adopted by his grandparents at first... she's legally his aunt...LOL

  7. You guys are awesome thanks for the support


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