Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who Am I?

Yesterday someone said they thought I looked like my sister. Really? My sister is beautiful (actually both of them are) but I have never thought I look any thing like my sisters. I look a lot like my dad but after further investigation I guess I do look a little like my mom and my sisters look like my mom so I guess I look a little like my sister.

But this started me to think who to I act like my dad or my mom. I explain my personality by claiming I am  50% like my dad and 50% like mom. and they divorced before their 5th wedding anniversary. That's why I am a girl full of contradictions, However, this does not explain some of my more shall we say interesting personality traits.

Like my Love Language being Gifts. No One in my family is all about the gifts. But I am!!!! I can not think of a better way to say thank you or I'm thinking of you then to buy you a gift. Seriously I could list every ones love language and they are all acts of service and time spent and 1 or 2 words of affirmation.

But I came out of the womb with OOOHHH you spent 5 cents on this ugly sticker because of me that so sweet. Really I don't care what you give me as long as you can tell me me it made you think of me I am more than happy to accept it.*

Despite the evidence otherwise (like I look like my parents) I have declared on more than one occasion that I was adopted or switched at the hospital. My mom just rolls her eyes and explains again how after 24 hours of hard labor (I am sure she is exaggerating) and the fact that I was the ONLY baby in the hospital at the time she is sure she is my mother. Some days I even feel bad for my parents maybe I should go buy them something.

*Unless you are The BF then you need to stick to the very detailed and specific list I give you.

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