Friday, July 8, 2011

And the Sex Was....

This week The BF and I have had to suffer the blessing to have his 2 kids with us 24/7. This has been a real treat for this single girl. Nothing is more fun the the emotional mood swings of a 13 year old boy and the constant "Dad and MJ" from a 6 year old girl. Its been an honor.

The only issue is never being able to spend any time alone. I really believe that to keep your relationship happy and healthy you should have sex 3 times a week and I never understood why marrieds with kids have such a hard time with "getting it on" but now I get it.

And to be honest its amazing that anyone has more than 1 kid and is married for more than 5 years. Because by the time you get the kids to bed and the work done for the day you are to tired to keep your eyes open let alone anything else that may require more energy.

How do you all do it? Are you taking drugs? Is there some secret that gets passed on to you when you have kids but us poor "pseudo" step-moms never get told? Seriously I need to know!!!!!

Thank goodness we go back to our regular schedule Sunday to much more of this and I might hurt someone!!!


  1. You poor thing. After having kids, I was lucky to get it once or twice a month. Between being worn down, the feedings, the messes, the moods...I just couldnt do it.

  2. The secret is to sleep naked next to each other and don't worry about kissing in the one should waste that fire wood.


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