Friday, July 22, 2011


I use to like Friday mornings (after my 1st cup of coffee). Friday morning has so much promise and potential. The weekend is almost at hand, you can taste and feel it. There is an excitements to the morning and you know that its just hours until you can rest and relax for a day or two.

But not anymore.

Now I dread Friday mornings all because The BF doesn't work on Fridays so now as I am trying to enjoy my coffee and getting ready he is there getting in my way and messing up my routine.

He is always trying to get me to stay home and be with him. Its would be sweet if it wasn't every single Friday morning. Do you know how much work I would miss if I stayed home every Friday?

And no matter how many times I say no and still go to work the next Friday morning its the same thing all over again...
  • "Baby stay home."
  • "I cant I have to work."
  • "We could stay in bed all day."
  • "Tempting but I have to work and the kids are here."
  • "Your no fun."
  • " Bye honey."
This is how The BF ruined my Friday mornings!!!!!!!


  1. You poor thing. I hated working Fridays, it's the slowest day of the week. My thoughts are with you for a speedy day sister! =)

  2. How annoying! I feel your pain.


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