Monday, July 25, 2011

Love at First Sight or Second Sight!!!

The picture in my mind when I think of my grandparents.
Not that long a go my grandma had a hip replacement surgery and for one weekend I got to stay with her and be her care taker. This may not sound exciting to you and its not that exciting to me either but I love spending time with my grandma talking and watching old movies. I have always had good talks with Grandma. 

This was before I started dating The BF (I think) and we some how started talking about marriage and love. So I asked her how did you and Grandpa end up dating and get married.

I have often wondered about this because I knew that my granparents had grown up in the same small Idaho town. The same town/community that their parents grew up in (not to mention my parents and I was born there). I also knew my grandma was a few years older than grandpa (shocking) and that their courtship was short.

I knew that they both came from large families and while grandpa was the second oldest in his family grandma was the third youngest in hers. I know that grandpa joined the Air Force at 17 and grandma went off to nursing school. They had known each other for years but their paths were not on a collision course. So how did these 2 people fall in love and end up married?

According to my grandma....*

Their wedding picture!!!
One day I was running around with your Great- Aunt Ila Mae, your grandpa's older sister. We need to stop by the barber shop to drop some money off to your grandpa. he had just returned from being in the Air Force and wanted to get a hair cut.

When we walked into the barber shop there he was in his uniform (as many young men returning had few other clothes) waiting for us. I remember thinking to myself he is so handsome in his uniform I better marry him quick before someone else does. Two months they eloped in Carlin, Nevada.

I don't know if it was romantic or just practical that they eloped. I like to think mostly romantic.

* To all my family...This is how I remember the story grnadma told me so  if I got wrong let me know and if I like what you have to add or change I will make corrections. But it better be good.


  1. That's a very interesting rendition, Micheal. I had never heard that one before. I was, however, present when Grandpa was relating the story of how they met. At the time, I was under the impression, that they had not known each other before. Grandma was there too, and I might say she was feeling a bit romantic indeed about the account.

    Unfortunately, I cannot recall what was said verbatim. But what I do remember is Grandma doodling on the table with her finger with a girlish smile has her memories were rekindled. That is, until Grandpa said something to the effect that he and boys, ”came stumbling out of the bar-”

    “Oh Dee Jay! It was a cafe!” Grandma interjected with an enthusiasm that was not in the least bit happy anymore! And Grandpa gave his mock startle as though he hadn't thought she was paying attention, and dare I say, I detected a bit of honest embarrassment, and perhaps a bit of humility. Grandma had busted him and that was the end of taking lightly his side of something, it was obvious, meant a lot to her.

    The rest of their story-for after that, they did tell it together-is pretty foggy, but it is my understanding that they had met at a cafe where they were at with their own siblings or whatever friends they each hung around with at the time. I do know that in that period, in that particular small town in Idaho, people led much more social lives and they most likely dated and danced, not too unlike characters depicted in the movies of the same time period.

    What interests me now is if your conversation with Grandma was recent on the matter. I have the impression it was a while ago. How about calling her up and getting the whole story word for word, or better yet, come on up, I'll lend you a recorder capture it straight from her mouth.

    And now the seeds of doubt are sown... I wonder if it was a barber shop that he “stumbled” out of; “Oh Dee Jay! It was a barber shop!” Hmm, maybe. But I'm also thinking that she was sitting in the cafe at the time of the purported stumbling...

  2. So sweet! And your grandma was so pretty!! They are a good looking pair, and it's so cool that after courting for only 2 months they are still together today! :)

  3. Camille Grandpa died about 10 years ago. But I am sure they would still be together.

  4. Your grandma was absolutely beautiful!! I love your voice and your blog! xo ~Amanda

  5. Completely lovely story. I lost my grandparents years ago and wish I'd known more such things about them!

  6. What a beautiful story!! That is great that you have those pictures too!!

  7. Well this is the most romantic thing I've read in a long time! #commenthour

  8. This is such a great post. I just recently wrote about my struggle with my family tree assemblage and how important the family stories have been to put the pieces together! You should keep doing this! Gather up all the stories you can remember and gather whatever details you can from all of your family members - you'd be surprised how many different renditions of one story there end up being!

    I love that you have the pictures paired with the post. It is truly beautiful on all levels.

  9. I love hearing about how people met or when they fell in love. That is so wonderful that you have the pictures too. Following from #commenthour, and congratulations on being featured too! Lisa

  10. What a romantic story blog sister! Congrats on being featured again

  11. How sweet... this post was a real treat to read! The old pictures really make it special. There story is a classic tale and deserves to be shared!

  12. It doesn't matter how they met, I love the pictures, the smiles and the love!!!


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