Tuesday, July 26, 2011

His Bark is Worse than His Bite.

Have I mentioned recently that I have a cat. A beautiful weird cat. A cat The BF claims that he does not like. He is always complaining damn cat is in my way or she scratched me or I hate cats or there is cat hair everywhere.

I just ignore him he knew I came with a cat and he was justing going to have to suck it up and deal.

But the other day I realized that he is a big old faker.

The cat got out of the house. She likes to go out and I have seen her eyeing the door ever time it opens. I think she did this when The BF collected the weekly milk delivery (that right our milk is delivered to the door. Makes me feel like Donna Reed). When I awoke I couldn't find her anywhere and eit was freaking me out.

I usually dont worry about her when she gets ou but Tigger doesn't  know this neighborhood, and Utah has this stupid new law that allows you to kill cats if you think they are feral. And she slipped out of her collar and I have not replaced it yet. So all day I was stressed out that someone would decided use my cat as the target practice.  

When he got home from work The BF came in the house and started looking for her. He called and called her (my cat comes when you call her...she's a really weird cat), but she didn't come out of hiding and then The BF hears a soft meow.

He calls her again and hears a soft meow after a minute he realizes that Tigger was not in the house she was outside. So he goes out front and starts calling for the cat and she is hiding in the flower bed and won't come out so The BF had to get on his hands and knees to get her.

When I get home she comes running to great me (told you she was a weird cat). I pick her up and love in her and ask her where have you been hiding (I might be weird also) when The BF shouts from upstairs she was outside and she has a very loud meow.

And it has dawned on my that The BF talks a good game about being all mean and tough but he is really a fluffy teddy bear.


  1. Hahaha, sounds like Mr. Husband. 2 of my cats got knocked up before I could get rid of a male cat, so we have like 8 kittens that are almost 2 weeks old. He keeps saying he hates cats, he wants them gone (once they are old enough), then Ill be in another room, and I hear, "omg arent you just so damn cute" Faker!! I dont call him on it, I just let him think hes got me convinced

  2. OH no you never call them on it. Now I really ignore what he says about the cat.

  3. This is too funny. My BF says that we can never have a cat because everytime he loves one, it dies. Really?!?! LOL He also said that he didn't like inside dogs but I catch him talking baby talk to my little shih tzu. :)

  4. Awww...that's sweet! And, I must say, that's sort of a weird law...

  5. Michael, your cat is not weird! Many cats are like that. My cats follow me around just like my dogs do, they both answer to their names and come when I call them, and both of Wesley's cats do the same with him. Also, most of the cats I have had in my life have been that way too. I think more cats are that way than not, but cats just have a bad reputation for being stuck up. lol And I think that a lot of people who say they hate cats are actually closet cat likers too. :D


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