Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch Out for that Plate

The BF's cute precocious 6 year old daughter is a very picky eater. And she is only picky if she has never tried it before or if its cooked different than how her mom, dad or grandma cooks it then she is not eating it.

Which is okay. I have been around kids enough to know that if they don't eat what you cook its not a personal insult to you, its just kids. And I try and cook foods that she will like but I would like to help her try new foods.

So I post the following message on twitter:
  • @SweetMJ: How do you deal with kids that are picky eaters?
From my mom:
  • @weeziewt: @SweetMJ what did I do with you and your brother and sisters? Beside beating you. :o
From me to mom:
  • @SweetMJ: @weeziewt You once threw a plate of food at me.*
This got me laughing because I remember this day clearly in my mind but often wonder if I remember correctly. I remember coming upstairs looking at what my mom had cooked for dinner sticking my nose up in the air and saying in that condescending way teenagers do "Can't you even cook one thing I can eat." (I even remember what she cooked that night: rice, canned peas and steak.) I cant remember what she said but the plate flew in my direction (I don't think it was at me but at the wall). It shatter against the wall and I said in an even more condescending way, "Well I am sure not eating it now." Then I walked away.

Its amazing that she didn't beat me when I was a teenager.**

* In my moms defense I was a teenager when she did this and I was a very mouthy, smart ass, snotty teenager*** and I was being overly difficult (I had recently decided to be a vegetarian) that day. And she was working a crazy shift and not getting any sleep at the time.

**I don't tell this story so you would think my mom was a bad mom.  She wasn't she was a good mom.  I know this because all her kids turned out pretty damn good (if I do say so myself) even if we are a  little twisted.

***This is why I don't want kids my mother gave me the curse, "I hope you have kids just like you." And while I didn't get in trouble outside the home I wasn't nice at home. And when I say snotty I mean I had my nose up on the air looking down on everything and everyone and would often make this opinion known to my mother.****

****In my defense I was a very unhappy teenager and tried to make my mom miserable also.


  1. I was a horrible teenager too MJ. One time, my mom made salmon patties (shudders) and made me sit there for two days because i refused to eat them...they ended up mixed in with my cream corn and potatoes, flicked all over the kitchen ceiling. (hangs head) I wouldve gotten away with it had some not fallen right in front of her.

  2. I think we all had those moments when we pushed out parents to the limit. All the time, I am now saying "I knew exactly how mom and dad felt now"...And my son is only 4. LOL


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