Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Have Been Featured

I was featured last night on #commenthour.

Whats #commenthour you ask?

Its a like a twitter party on speed. 25 blogs are featured in one hour. The goal is to visit each blog. And if you like leave a comment and follow that blog.

It service two purposes.
  1. Directs traffic to your blog and
  2. Introduces you two new blog you may want to follow.

Then you have the fringe benefits.
  • Like all those twitter comments you post during the hour increases your klout number.
  • You are on a high for hours after getting featured
  • People leave great comments on your blog and on twitter
  • Meet new people to blitter stalk.
How do you get featured you ask?

Thats the easy part. All you need is a twitter account and a blog. Once you have both of those go to #commenthour to sign up. I think sign ups open up on Monday (or at least thats when I notice it).

So what are you waiting for???? Go check it out!!!!!


  1. WOW! What a great opportunity! Thanks for the information, I never knew about #commenthour

  2. Its so awesome. If you want to sign up this week here is the link


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