Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tennagers Scare Me

This morning I had to drop my pseudo step-son for scout camp. And while I am teasing his parents that I was the only adult in his life that schedule allowed the flexibility of dropping it off it was really not a big deal.

He is a good kid in the morning and I didn't have to do anything but make sure he had breakfast. Easy Peasy!!!!

My pseudo step-son is a very affection young man always talking to you and giving hugs unless he is playing video games but this morning was a different story.

After driving him to the meeting place and helping him unload his gear. I said bye Jayce (I almost said sweetie) have fun and without looking at me this normally friendly kid flung his hand in the air in a move that acknowledge and dismissed me at the same time.
I didn't say anything to this dismissal after all he was surrounded by his peers but once I got in my car and drove away I started laughing so hard I had to pull my car over.

Teenagers are just so damn funny when they are not busy being mean hateful creatures.


  1. There is nothing in this world like a teenager acting like a teenager in front of their peers. My daughter used to cuddle up with me at home (she was 15) but in front of friends, I was nonexistent. I just laughed because I remember being that way too.

  2. I hear you. They create fun, amusement, and puzzlement all at once. It makes me glad those days are long gone.


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