Friday, August 12, 2011

My Milkshake Brings all the Boys (and The BF's Ex-wife) to the Yard

Dating your friends ex-husband has some unique challenges that might not come up in other relationships. But with empathy, honest and patient you can work through them all. And end up with a stronger friendship and a healthier relationship.

However their are certain topics of conversation that you never ever ever talk about it. Okay there is only one thing you never ever ever talk about. Only one topic that is so taboo that neither of you dare approach it and in general avoid all knowledge of such a topic.

Well at least I do. She doesn't seem to understand that you are not suppose to talk about sex with the ex who you are now dating.

And its not that I am uncomfortable talking about sex....I talk about it often. I even talk about it with her but its more in the general none specific kind of way.

But yesterday at lunch The BF's ex-wife/My Friend decided to comment on my breasts. In fact the comment was about how my dress makes my breasts look squeezable.

Okay no big deal I have big boobs I get comments all the time about my breasts.

But she had to take it a step further by saying I guess "The BF must not have seen you in that dress yet or you wouldn't be here. I know him and he likes breasts."

Are you kidding me!!!! Did you just break the cardinal rule about being friends with your ex -husbands girlfriend. But it didn't stop there...oh no!!!!

She then went on to talk about him "motor boating" my breast and groping me. I am serious you cant make this stuff up and she was soon joined by our friends who went on and on about my ample bosom.

And much to my dismay I turned several shades of red and put on a jacket.

I am not sure if I will be friends with The BF's ex-wife much longer this is getting a little too weird.


  1. total wow! unbelievable! what did you say back to her? i couldn't have let her get away with that. if her friendship is valuable to you, you need to say something... set up some boundaries.

  2. Laughed because mostly I thooght it was funny and I knew I looked damn good.

  3. Wow, that is one awkward situation. I think you handled it beautifully! I now need to go back and read ALL of your posts to see how this relationship came about. You should link back to them in this post! Loved it.

  4. Thats a good idea and a long list lol.

  5. Ugh! But glad you laughed it off. Sounds like jealousy ... imo. :-)

  6. Oh man! That is so awkward! I had this happen once, but the situation was reversed (a friend of mine was dating my ex). It was so weird to realize that he'd told her about our sex life, and she knew things about me I NEVER wanted a friend to know.

  7. Stopping by from SITS!!! Sounds like your situation is pretty complicated.

  8. Sounds to me like she is jealous! Visiting from SITS. Fun blog. I think I'll be back lol The Neuff

  9. Jealous of my breasts probably. Jealous of me and The BF nope she is happily involved with a nice guy and we all make one twisted family. lol.


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