Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Search is On

There comes a time in the life of a blogger when you want to know how people are finding your blog. So you check the searches people are making to find you.

And because you are in a hurry and have nothing else to write about that day you decide to share it with all your readers.

Sometime the results are exciting, after all these are all about my name, my blogs name and my blogs URL:
a girl named michael blog
can a girl be called Michael
a girl named Michael
girls named Michael
girl named michael

Sometimes they are directly related to a post:
can i date my friends ex husband
you are trying to post content on Facebook that has been marked
angry birds ruined my life
dating friends ex husband
i am dating my friends ex husband
macgyver lost son my friends ex husband
my ex husband dating my best friend
mark zukerbergs email

Sometimes they are indirectly related to a post:
napalm and grass smell
feet and now my mom is
15 facts about a girl
fun fact about a girl

Sometimes you have no idea how they found you but you are excited they did:
she claims she was in labor
sick day secret agent
sneezy girls blogspot
he ran to the store

And sometimes you are shocked and grossed out about how people find you:
pictures of girls peeing

Pervs need not apply!!!


  1. Eww! Do you have pictures of girls peeing? Also love "sick day secret agent"! All the keywords coming to my blog are boring, I guess I need to start talking about some of these other topics!!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  2. Hi, it's Just One Donna Back to comment from #commenthour. I like reviewing my logs to see how my site visitors got there. Sometimes it leaves me scratching my head, but it also gives me ideas about how to use key words effectively.

  3. Where's the post about sick day secret agent?? LOL, I want to read that!
    Too funny. Some of the searches to my blog don't even make sense by themselves.

  4. I am going to check the seaches that led do my blog right now.
    Stopping by after #commenthour

  5. My favourite? "sick day secret agent" - what the heck?! I hope they found what they were looking for on your blog haha!

  6. of girls peeing...


  7. Sick Day Secret Agent is an awesome name for a I think it came to me because I have a post titled Its my 9th Sick Day...I Better Make it Count.


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