Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Am Not Really Your Mother!!!

As you may have read I don't have kids. I have 2 "pseudo" step-kids and I have adopted a dog and a cat but technically I am no ones mom.

There are many reasons why this is the choice I have made but the number one reason is I don't want to clean up poo. Its gross. Even on a sweet little newborn baby or a little tiny puppy or kitty its icky. And for the most part I don't ever have to clean up poo. I pay my "pseudo" step-son to clean up after my dog and my "pseudo" step-daughter to clean up after the cat. And when I was with my nieces I would only change poopy diapers if NO one else was around.

Keeping this all in mind let me tell you what happened yesterday.

Every day I take my dog to my sisters house while I am at work. After loading the dog up and getting on my way I started to smell something rather gross. To be honest it was horrible and almost gag worth. At first I thought it was the many diary farms that are close to my house. Nothing smells as unpleasant as a diary farm on a hot windy summer day. YUK.

But nope that's not it and luckily at this time I realized I forgot my coffee and not being a girl who can survive with out coffee I went back home. I decided to check and see if my beautiful Tashi had stepped in some dog poo. And no she hadn't stepped in dog poo...she had laid down in some dog poo and it was all over her side.

I immediately dragged her out of the car to get a better look at her and the backseat of my car. Thank goodness none was on my car unfortunately it was all over Tashi.

Not having time to clean her off (and to be honest trying not to gag) I put her in the kennel with The BF's dogs because I am not so bad as to take her to my sisters covered in dog poo. And off to work I go.

Knowing that I cant lock a poo covered baby up in the kennel is why I religiously take my birth control pills.


  1. As a mom of 3, let me just say you are smart to chose to remain kidless.

  2. unfortunately, i have to pick up our TWO great danes' poop everyday. oh the glamorous life.

  3. I have nothing but respect for moms. My dog and cat are bad enough

  4. I want a great dane because a 97lbs Rotti is not big enough. lol

  5. LOL.. I grew up on a farm so I am not as grossed out about poo. This is a great story!!! #commenthour

  6. LOL..that's too funny. The poor thing, I hope someone finally managed to get her cleaned up! ;-) #commenthour

  7. Oh man! Whether its from an animal or a child, poop is no fun.

  8. Poo doesn't bother me at all. What really gets me is vomit!


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