Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pickles and Rice are Never Nice!!

A real life conversation between 2 lovers.
  • The BF: I hate cucumbers
  • Me: Then why did you get them on your sandwhich?
  • The BF: I forgot I hated them
  • Me: How do you forget you hate cucumbers?
  • The BF: I just forget. Are cucumbers what they use to make pickles or is it zucchini?
  • Me: Its cucumbers.
  • The BF: Its weird I like pickles but hate cucumbers. 
  • Me: I hate pickles but love cucumbers.
  • The BF: How can you hate pickles?
  • Me: I just do.
  • The BF: What do you hate about them?
  • Me: The texture.
  • The BF: Wait you dont like pickles because of the texture?
  • Me: Yup
  • The BF: Thats weird no one hates foods because of the texture.
  • Me: Yes they do
  • The BF: No they dont
  • Me: Its the same reason I dont like rice, it feels weird in my mouth.
  • The BF: You're so weird.
  • Me: I know.
Its amazing how deep, thoughtful and philosopical our conversations get not to mention sexy.


  1. I know you have had a similar conversation.

  2. lol! Actually, there are MANY people who don't like foods because of the texture. It's very common.

  3. your BF is clueless! all sorts of people are texture people! good grief.


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