Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today I am a Surrogate Mother

Today I am playing chauffer, entertainment director, hair stylist and cook to my niece and "pseudo" step-son.

It all started lst night when everyone realized that we had scheduled a hair appointment for the "pseudo" step-son the day after school pictures. Not wanting the kid to have hair he didn’t like in his yearbook I offered to get him a hair appointment with a friend and take him to work with me. Not once did I stop and think how I am going to entertain him all day while I am working.

Then my sister asked if I could take my niece to and from swim lessons which is no big deal except I forgot I have a meeting in the morning and I was going to have the leave the meeting to take her to swim lesson. Luckily I have an understanding job.

So far my day as gone like this:

Talked to Ex-wife/Friend trying to find a shirt for "pseudo" step-son to wear in pictures.

Raided "pseudo" step-son closet looking for a semi nice shirt.

Drove to work.

Dropped off dog.

Picked up the niece from parents.

Went to the court to get paperwork.

Meet the Ex-wife/Friend at work to exchange the "pseudo" step-son.

Went to my meeting

Left meeting early

Put a pony tail in my niece’s hair and dropped her at swim class.

Returned to work finished meeting.

Did some work and left again.

Picked up niece from swim class.

Took niece with me to the "pseudo" step-son hair appointment. Decided niece could hang with "pseudo" step-son at my work.

Went to grocery store with kids.

Decided would be easiest to feed kids MickeyD's so no fighting about lunch.

Ate lunch.

Did more work.

Reminded kids this is my work if they want to be loud go to park.

Did even more work.

Reminded kids again this is my work if they want to be loud go to park.

Showed kids the TV at my work. (Thank you Nickelodeon)

Wrote blog.

My plans for the rest of the day is finish work, drop niece off at grandparents, pick up dog, drive home, meet The BF and exchange the "pseudo" step-son, get "pseudo" step-daughter from daycare, go to store again, go home, cook dinner (may be having pizza again)....

Now I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all the moms out there who did this every day. You guys are amazing.

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  1. I kind of feel like my day was like! Exhausting isn't it?!?! It makes me tired just reading it. Hopefully tomorrow will be much less "eventful". :)


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