Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its Your Last Chance.

I had one post all ready to go today but this morning decided I need to share another story with you.

Today was the last day of my niece's swimming classes. When I dropped her off she begged me to stay. "But its the last day please come." And since I have a hard time saying no when the answer will let me spend more time with her or avoid work for an hour I agreed to stay and watch her swim.

So imagine if you can I am sitting in a pool chair in my casual work clothes watching my niece swim and every time she does something she checks to make sure I am watching.

But since I am sitting at the pool enjoying the sun and smell of chlorine my mind starts to wonder and I realize that I have not gone swimming once this summer nor have I really enjoyed any summer time activities and summer is almost over.

It officially doesn't end until September 22 but don't you feel like it ends on Labor Day weekend? I know I do.

And Labor Day weekend is in 2 week people...TWO WEEKS!!!!

We need to get out there and do something before another summer is over. Go to the pool, the beach or the lake. Go on a hike or a bike ride. Embrace the sun before its gone.

So everyone reading this get out and do something fun before the summer ends.

Go on get out of here.

Its okay I won't feel bad.


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