Friday, August 19, 2011

Burning Down the House

The other night I decided I would treat the "psedo" family and make some cookies for dessert (knowing there was inised cookie dough in the fridge was making me crazy). Everyone was excited especially me I had a serious chocolate chip cookies craving going on.

After the cookies were done I places the cookie sheet on the stove to cool but soon we were all eating cookies and I remember thinking these cookies are still very warm I should cool them on the counter instead of the stove next time.

Later that night (as in we are going to bed later) The BF noticed that there was a light on the stove...
  • The BF: Is the stove on?
  • Me: No.
  • The BF: Why is the light on?
  • Me: Its that stupid light that says the survace is hot. Its always stays on even when its not hot. I think we need a new stove.
  • The BF: No thats a light that means a burner is on.
I walk over and check the stove. And yup I had left a burner on from when I cooked dinner. So I turn it off and walk away.

The BF immediately walks over and checks the stove.
  • The BF: How long has it been on?
  • Me: Since dinner but it was just on low so its no big deal.
  • The BF: Its lucky it didnt ruin the cookie sheet. It was sitting right on the burner.
  • Me: Yup it is. (This explains why the cookies were still so warm).
  • The BF: Babe you need to be more careful.
  • Me: You know its just a matter of time before I burn the house down right.
  • The BF: Yes.
Its good he knows me so well and accepts me the way I am.


  1. We sound so much alike that it is starting to get scary. Are we sure we aren't somehow related?

  2. My specialty is putting eggs on to boil and then forgetting them. Once I left the house and my kitchen filled with smoke and the fire dept was called. Scary. Embarrassing!!

  3. Interesting, when I told you my story of the stove being on all night with a cookie sheet on it you laughed at me. Then you told me, "thats why I don't leave things on the stove"

  4. Be careful! Visiting from SITS!

  5. This is TOTALLY something I would do and one of the main reasons I hate electric stoves! Eep!

    Thanks for making me feel so special on my SITS day, I loved your comments, and I am so glad you enjoyed my camping socks :)


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