Friday, September 9, 2011

The Nightmare Begins

Football season started last night and not once in all the years that I have been watching football have I been so conflicted.

To be honest I wouldn't have minded if the lock out had continued and screwed up the season.

I am filled with dread and anxiety.

Its one thing to date someone who is fanatical about a team you hate but its a whole new bag of nails when you are living with that person. Especially when you think said team will not be having a season worth mentioning.

In the past I would have openly mocked the team but now I worry The BF will be to sensitive to hear my maniacal laughing and jeering.

Why do boys get so sensitive about their teams? I have a team they currently blow but I don't boohoo about it each week. Yes they lost again. Cross our fingers next week will be better and move the heck on. I sure don't walk around grumpy for the rest of the day.

I dread their first game of the season luckily it wasn't last night....WAY TO GO GREEN BAY!!!!


  1. I started following the Forty-Niners when I lived in Northern California in the 1980s. Even after we moved to New Jersey, the Niners were my team and I could easily follow them on broadcast TV.

    Now that I'm back in California, it is nigh well impossible to follow them on broadcast TV and I refuse to get cable. But no matter. They've been "rebuilding" for what seems like the last 10 years or so.

    My husband grew up in the East Bay area and is an Oakland fan. No negative things may be said about them if I want to keep the peace...even though he hasn't watched a game in YEARS (he hates all of the commercials). *chuckle*

  2. OMG!!!! I have been following the 49ers since the 80s also but The BF loves The Cowboys who I hate only slightly less then those evil Raiders.

  3. MJ,
    Everyone needs a team that they can truly dislike... I'll join you in cheering against the boys!
    And as far as boohooing about teams not making it... Meh, life goes on and next season will hopefully be better


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