Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its Like Jerry Springer Only with Good Food

Last night The BF and I had guests for dinner. We don't often have dinner guest we prefer to go out to restaurants with friends. But when we do we aim to please.

On the menu was:
  • Thick steak cooked on the grill by The BF (This alone is reason to date him).
  • Cheesy Potatoes, not healthy put very good.
  • Squash grown in our garden
  • Roasted garlic tomatoes also grown in our garden.
  • We also had 4 different beer choices
  • and Oreo cookies for dessert.
But it wasn't the menu that made the night so special despite how good it was...what made last night so wonderfully weird and bizarre would be our dinner guests. Its not every day that I get to have dinner with The BF, his Ex-Wife/Friend, her long distance BF, the "pseudo" stepkids, 3 dogs and a cat. To be fair the cat was to stuck up to actually join us for dinner.

Did you miss the fun part of who our dinner guests were? Ex-Wife/Friend and her long distance BF.

When we planned the dinner I couldn't decide if it was a recipe for a homicide or very modern way to approach co-parenting.

I am still not sure which one it was.

Highlights of the evening included (but are not limited to):

The BF lighting his Ex-Wife's cigar.

Me offering to oil up The Long Distance BF.

The Ex-Wife playing tug of war with her former was cute.

And the "pseudo" step-daughter trying to be the center of attention.

As far as I am concerned no one stabbed anyone with a fork so it was a roaring success.

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