Monday, September 5, 2011

And the Sex Will...

Well The BF and I survived the summer living together yea us. But one thing about us living together that really surprised me was that we have sex mostly on the weekends....still.

Let me explain....

When The BF and I were dating we didn't often see each other during the week. With work schedules and living in different cities it just worked out that weekends were our time to together. This meant sharing him every other weekend with the kids and it also meant that weekends were a marathon of sex. To have sex 3 times in 2.5 days. Not always easy on those weekends we had the kids but we always found a way.

I naturally assumed that living together would mean we spread the sex out over the whole week. Lets be honest neither one of his is getting younger and it was getting exhausting having sex that often in such a short time. Its a wonder we ever got anything done.

So here we have been living together 3 months and Monday-Friday its a quick kiss and a 'I love you' before one or both of us rolls over and starts snoring.  But every weekend its still party central weekend over here. No wonder by the time Sunday rolls around I am thankful so I can freaking rest.

I think its time to get the TV out of the bed room.


  1. lol! love this post. my bf now my hubby used to say that the sex dropped when we moved in together. i think it's only natural because before...there was always a level of anticipation when seeing each other!

  2. Thank you. Its good that someone laughs with me instead of at me.

  3. Does your mom read your blog? LOL

    This post makes me want a BF so it can be Party Central over here!!

    1. She does sometimes...she once told me all I write about is underwear and sex. More shocking is my dad reads it all the time...Im sure he just shakes his head and wonders where he went wrong.


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