Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Take it All Back

The other day I wrote a post talking about my amazing and wonderful my friends. Well it seems I need to take that back. Well at least for two of my so called friends.

Last week we had a conference at our work I had brought my little notebook to talk notes. OK I really brought it write a few blog posts in case the speakers were boring, luckily they were not boring. But since we were hosting the conference periodically we had to step out to handle one thing or another. At one point I had to leave to print off some things and it took much longer than I planned due to a printer problem but once I returned I found one of my "friends" had write in my notebook.

I am pretty sure I know which friend is behind this letter and I am also sure the other friend was complicite in the scheme

Dear Diary,
I just realized that
I am very weird.
Dear voices in me head
please shut up.
I have been bad, need to
ask The BF for a spanking
when I get home.
I really yearn to
reproduce. I wonder
if I'm ovulating. I 
will check my app.
The next book club 
pick will be "what to 
expect when you're
expecting." I hope
everyone likes it.

This is what my friends/coworkers were doing while I was working and fixing things. And I Would never do anything mean to them. I never leave funny/mean posts on their Facebook wall ( I love to run naked in the rain)when they forget to log off. And I never ever tease them about their funny life stories....Oh wait I do all those things.

I cant wait to get my evil revenge *insert evil laughter*


  1. Wow. Sounds like really terrible friends. Sorry that you had to discover the mean side of someone you thought was a friend. Hopefully you'll be able to move on from this and meet lots of better people.

  2. Thanks for updating. I really thought you had had someone be really mean to you, and I was so sad for you. Good to know it was just a bit of friendly teasing!

  3. Sounds like you have some really awful friends with no sense of humor. Lol

  4. Heather you are to sweet. Thanks for the support. Some times I forget that people dont automatically know I have a smart mouth and a dry sense of humor.


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