Monday, October 31, 2011

Take me to Your Leader

Puppy jail!!!!
As I explained last week something bizarre happened that some people (The BF, my mom and some friends) were trying to pass off as paranormal activity. But I don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal. Don't get me wrong I love the movies but I don't believe a ghost is hanging out in my bedroom.

But it was very weird what happened and we couldn't explain it no matter how hard we tried. Our dogs are awesome and mostly smart but they are not smart enough to pull off this stunt. And for it to be an accident just seemed to weird.

Tiggers new favorite hang out
But the other day I walked into the bedroom and saw Tigger the cat (of Figger if you talk to my nieces...get it Fat Tigger) laying on my clean clothes.

Now I understand what happened. Tigger wanted to sleep in a cave like structure but at the same time sleep on my clean clothes. Not being big enough herself to do any damage, she rallied the dogs to break my drawer so she can have a place to lay.

I am still not sure how they did it but I am sure that she was behind the whole thing. I can tell by her smug self satisfied attitude.

I'm considering putting cameras in the bedroom so I can monitor their every move but I worry the other stuff that happens in that room will end up on a porn site.


  1. Wow! That is impressive ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back.

  2. Lol! Cats are way smarter than dogs!

  3. "Dogs and cats living together..." LOL Better make that call. :-D


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