Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Aunt Michael

Yesterday I got the following letter in the mail:

Dear aunt Michael 
Thanks for the book!
I had been waiting forever
to get that! I've finished 
it and I couldn't put
it down! I also liked 
the 13 dollars in there!

Its a Thank you note from my nephew for his birthday gift. 

I love to read or hear the words Aunt Michael!!!!

I love being an aunt. 

I work hard at being a good aunt and trying to find out what my nieces and nephews want and are into. 

I think I do a good job. Luckily most of them like to read so a book with money makes a great gift. 

Finding the right book is sometimes a challenge but I enjoy the challenge. 

To my Sisters and Brothers please have more kids!!!!!!!


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