Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enjoying the Little Things

I am currently on a work get away.

What does that mean?

It means that even though the training I am going to is an hour away from my home I talked my boss into letting me get a hotel for 2 nights so I would not have to get up early and drive to the training I am attending. I had to leave The BF behind.

I am staying in a Historic hotel that is reportedly haunted!!!! I don't believe in ghosts or alien life forms. Despite loving the movies that involve ghosts and aliens.

When I checked in they told me that they will not have power from 10:00PM until 3:00AM tonight. They will provide us with flashlights.

What does that mean to me....I need to be back in my room by 10PM or I will have to walk up 6 flights of stairs. I am grateful I am not on the 10th floor.

I find this very odd that they would still take reservations even though they will not have power...they informed me that they will provide guests with FLASH LIGHTS!!!!!!

I am going out with a friend tonight I will probably get a little intoxicated...walking around drunk in a haunted hotel with a flashlight should be a hoot. At least for me. The staff may not enjoy it at all.

Last night I stayed in got take out a bottle of wine and chilled in front of the TV in my room. Then I soaked in the jetted tub. It was SWEET!!!


  1. That's cool. I'm shocked your boss went for that. Your powers of persuasion amaze me. You should get a +K for workign the boss on Klout. :-)

  2. Instantly "The Shining" came to mind. Glad I didn't read this last night or I would have had some wine too. I'm such a scaredy cat. You wouldn't happen to be in St. Augustine, FL would you?

  3. I just asked for one night the boss said I could have two. She was worried about me having to drive home in a snow storm.

    I've never been to Florida. I'm starting to think a trip is in order because its getting progressively colder here.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your time away. :)


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