Monday, November 14, 2011

Nope Never Going to Happen

 Top 10 Reasons Kid Free Weekends Rock
Eating out without the kids!!!
  1. Eating Out at someplace meant for adults.
  2. Watching whatever inappropriate TV show you want any time you want (True Blood).
  3. Not having to hear things like He hit me and She wont leave me alone.
  4. Cooking dinner and no one complains about a single thing.
  5. Nothing gets messed up.
  6. The toilet seat is never peed on.
  7. Quiet blissfully quiet.
  8. Your time is your own and no one else's.
  9. Sleeping in past 8:00AM
  10. Walking around naked.
Don't get me wrong I adore the "pseudo"step-kids but a weekend without them is so relaxing.

Sorry mom but this list reinforces my decision to stay childless.

Maybe your other kids will give you more grandkids.


  1. What?!?! I can't enjoy these things when my husband is home. I have to wait until I'm TOTALLY alone for the weekend! Ok, I'm feeling like I've been robbed...


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