Friday, November 11, 2011

The BF's Ex-Wife is Trying to Talk me into Marrying her Ex-Husband

Can I tell you I much I really enjoy writing comments like The BF's Ex-Wife is Trying to Talk me into Marrying her Ex-Husband!!! I giggle every time. More important it is true!!!

The Ex-Wife/Friend is trying to get me to marry The BF.

She says stuff like, "Just because he and I didn't work out doesn't mean you two wont" and "Can I be a bridesmaid when you do get married." To The BF she says stuff like "The third times the charm." Shes not very good at the persuasive argument but she keeps trying. Almost every time I see her she makes some little comment.

And she is not the only one now the "pseudo" step-daughter has gotten into the act and she is teaming up with my mom and the health nut sister. Recently when we were all hanging at the moms house the "pseudo" step-daughter made a comment about The BF and I getting married soon my mom was joining in and my sister was saying you know you want to.

And my co-workers are always teasing me about it. A local Judge has offered to perform the ceremony for free. The other day when The Ex-Wife was teasing me at court about marrying her Ex-Husband (really I laugh every time I write this) the Judge comments I am free tomorrow.

I know this is all in good fun (and I have a good laugh myself) except for The Ex-Wife/Friend I think she is very serious about me marrying her Ex-Husband. (I know that makes you smile just a little too).


  1. Don't do it for anyone else. If you ever decide to get married, do it for yourself, on your own terms.

  2. Trust me I won't unless I find the perfect dress and shoes. Because everyone knows that's a perfectly acceptable reason to get married.

  3. I'm passing the "Tell Me About Yourself" blog award to you! Please see my blog post and follow my lead...

  4. LOL!! I love your comment "perfect dress and shoes".

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