Thursday, November 10, 2011

Greatest Aunt Ever or A Day in The Life of Me: Part 3

After "finding my car keys" and "kicking" the dog you would think the adventure of my day would end....but it didn't. I thought, oh yea I get to go shopping with the girls. I love shopping with them. Taking my nieces shopping for their mom's birthday and Christmas present has started to become a bit of a tradition for us.

I headed over to my sister's house to get my nieces and after my sister gives me a list of things she wanted (none of which we bought) we load up in my car and both my nieces were talking a mile a minute. The 9year old informs me she is going to be on TV because news people were at her school (I think it was for a good reason instead of a scandalous one). Then the 4year old one is saying she was on TV. The 9year old called a red Volkswagen bug and the 4year old calls a white truck (don't ask) get the picture.

So we start out in the purse aisle(my sister wanted one of these) now I found one ON SALE that my sister would have liked but after thinking about the 9year old decides she doesn't want to get her mom a purse. Never mind that we have been talking about getting her a purse the whole way to the store.

So I put the purse back and ask what do you want to get her...the answer jewelery (I can tell you this because my sister doesn't read my blog). So after trying on hats and scarves we headed to the jewelery but even this was not an easy task.

We start looking at necklaces and the 4year old starts playing with the bracelets (I taught her well) and the 9year old is being very indecisive about what to get her mom. I keep trying to get her to pick and she wouldn't...
  • Me: What about this necklace? 
  • 9year old: My mom wouldn't like that.
  • Me: Are you sure? I like it and I think your mom would too.
  • 9year old: Michael you and my mom are very different. You have fashion (meaning style) she doesn't. (This is really how she talks...cracks me up)
We finally start picking things out when the 9yr old gets upset that the 4yr old gets to pick out the earrings because she got to pick them out last year. Then the 4yr old gets mad cause she doesn't like the necklace the 9yr old picked out. After tears, nasty looks and pouting each girl got to pick out a necklace and earrings. Good thing that money tree in the backyard finally bloomed.

Just as we are about to go get wrapping paper the 4year old decided we are not done with the earrings yet.
  • 4year old: I want these earring.
  • Me: Sweetie we are here to buy your mom a present.
  • 4year old: (Now with tears) But I only got one pair of earrings for my birthday.
  • Me: Well maybe we can write a letter to Santa and he can bring you some
  • 9year old: We already wrote letters to Santa.
  • 4year old: (Now really crying) I want Santa to bring me these earrings.
  • Me: (Glaring at the 9year old and talking to the 4year old) We can write another letter saying you would also like some earrings.
As we are walking away from everything shiny and golden the 9year old decides she need to go the bathroom so of course so does the 4year old. This angers the 9year old
  • 9year old: She always copies everything I do
  • Me: You are her big sister that's how it works
  • 9year old: It sucks
  • Me: Sweetie just remember no matter how bad it gets its, my life was worse. I had not one little sister copying everything I do (and stealing all my earrings) but two little sisters that copied me always and on top of that I had a younger brother who was really annoying. So just be happy you aren't living my life. ( version of walking barefoot in the snow uphill both ways).
Finally we are at the check out (I'm not even going to discuss the attitudes and tears in the gift wrapping aisle). Now the 4year old starts saying she is hungry while she drools all over the candy but I know this trick and say your mom will feed you later. I look over and 9year old is looking through some fashion magazine as we wait and I am okay with this until I realize that the magazine she is looking at is Cosmopolitan!!!! I take it away and tell her that is the one fashion magazine she cant read until she graduates high school. For this she glares at me.

Let me say that shopping with these girls was funner when the 9year old was not sullen and angry and the 4year old couldn't walk and didn't have an opinion. We may not be continuing this little traditon much longer.

Lets be honest I cant wait until we go Christmas shopping next month!!!

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  1. LOL! The copying conversation sound so familiar...actually this whole post sounds familiar. GIRLS! And I have three of them!!! I don't know if I will survive.


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