Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Damn that Grace or A Day in The Life of Me: Part 1

This morning did not start out great....I woke up about 2AM with a headache so I crawled out of bed in hopes on finding some aspirin, on my way back I stepped over one of our many dogs but just as I was in the clear the dog lifted his head up and I whacked me toe on his head!!!! Talking about hurting, the dog was fine (I am not even sure which one it was) but my foot was killing me. It is the same foot that has the hurt toe that I may or may not have broken.

After going back to bed and sleeping a few more hours I drag myself out of bed to officially start my day. I know I have mentioned I have a dog or three and they are always very excited to get up in the morning. You see because we have 3 VERY large dogs for our sanity we keep them locked up in the bedroom at night. So after I got up and washed my face it was time to take the dogs out. 

Now I an very careful when I do this...it can be dangerous when three 70-100 lbs dogs are running down the stairs. Its like a mini stampede!!!! So I let the dogs run down the stairs and I follow them when I get almost all the way down, with only 3 little stairs left, with no explanation I fall down the stairs. Landing at the bottom!!!

Yup that's right I fell down my stairs and to make matters worse all three dogs run to me and start licking my face....talk about oh so very GROSS!!!!!

But wait it doesn't end there later this morning I was walking up the stairs and I tripped going up them almost landing on my face in the process. On my way down, in an attempt to stop the inevitable, I slammed into the wall hitting the light switch. I have no doubt by tonight I will have a new bruise from the switch and I am not 100% sure I didn't break the switch. (Don't tell The BF about that....I am planning on playing dumb if it is broken.)

I really thought I was getting better at being graceful... don't get me wrong I always have a new bruise from furniture I walk into or burns from cooking or cuts from preparing to cook or walls that I swear move but I really thought the worst of it was over.....Guess not.

I should go dig out the bubble wrap again.


  1. Sounds like just a minor or few minor set backs. At least all of that happened first thing in the morning. You should be the epitome of grace the rest of the day :-)

  2. Once it starts it never stops. I should go hang out in a padded room now before I ended up in the emergency room

  3. God bless you! Some days a diamond, some days a stone...

    Thanks so much for following Mom's Best Nest and joining Flock Together today. I'm your new follower and look forward to reading your posts. Take care...SERIOUSLY ;)

  4. I swear we are related. This only confirms it more girl. Hope you are okay.

  5. Im okay buy the rest of my day was beyond bizarre....it will make am excellent blog post.

  6. Oh Geez! The licks were MOMMY MOMMY ARE YOU OKAY? Don't be mad at them Mommy....I am equally as clumbsy. Sneakers should be my slippers - really. I am convinced the older we get - we don't bounce back from hurts. The toe ones last forever. I'll often be drying off and say "Where did that come from?" to a bruise. P.S. I've learned a kind of shuffle walk for getting up in the night. That's the best I can do, I'm not putting on sneakers to use the bathroom or go get some water ;-)

  7. It was either :Mommy mommy are you ok?" or "Hurry up lady we need to pee."

  8. LOL...The dogs probably just thought you were on the floor to play.


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