Monday, November 7, 2011

The Road Less Traveled by Me

Today I had to drive to a small town first thing in the morning for work. This is not all that new, I have to do that every Monday through Friday since I moved in with The BF but today I had to drive to a different small town. So instead of driving through the treacherous canyon I was driving through the dangerous wetlands.

Okay so the road is not all that dangerous but when I started on my super early commute the roads were wet and the snow was starting to fall again. And after 6 car wrecks I am a little bit nervous on roads I don't drive on often. In fact I am more at home driving in the city then I am on remote country roads.

With all that in mind I would like to share some of the random thoughts on my drive:
  1. OMG....if I lose control of my car and end up in the water it could be hours before anyone notices the top of my little red car.
  2. Why are their no guard rails? That is a river someone is going to end up in it.
  3. How deep is that water? It looks deep.
  4. If that's the Little Bear River where is the Big Bear River?
  5. Oh wait that would be The Bear River...I wonder where that is? I think that is something I should know.
  6. What are those people doing over their in that boat? Its cold and snowing!!! I bet its duck hunting season
  7. Is duck good? Does it taste like chicken?
  8. Why is this car going so slow the road is not that dangerous...some of us have to be somewhere.
  9. Oh crap I am spending at that's a cop behind me....I hope he didn't notice.
  10. I am really in need of about 2 more cups of coffee.
Luckily the cop didn't pull me over. I was only going 5MPH over the speed limit.

I also made it to my destination without incident.

Some days I worry that I may need some extensive is one of those days.

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