Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where are My Keys or A Day in The Life of Me: Part 2

I really thought after yesterday mornings "kicking" the dog, falling down and up the stairs the rest of the day would be SMOOTH sailing. And most of it was easy peasy. Went to work, had lunch, blogged....pretty good average day. So I was lulled into thinking that the worse was behind me or at least the abnormal parts of my day were over but I was wrong.

Everything was going well until I left work to go take my nieces shopping...oh wait we need to back up a little so I can tell you a very cute story.

Imaging it if you can its Monday night I am laying in bed watching a bit of TV when the phone rings. The caller ID shows my Health Nut Sister calling...but to my surprise it was my 9yr old niece.
"Michael, (notice no Aunt makes me crazy) will you take me shopping to go buy my mom a birthday present/"
"Do you have any money?" I asked even though I know she doesn't.
"Yes I have $8 I want to buy her shoes" (Translate: You will be paying)
"Okay whats your schedule like?" This is a necessary question to ask her because she has dance, soccer, tumbling and gymnastics. She is very busy!
After deciding we will go Thursday I hang up and go back to watching TV.
Less than 5 seconds later my Health Nut Sister calls back only this time its the 4year old, "Michool (Notice no Aunt) you take me shopping to buy my mom a present?" (Now I know I'm paying)
"Yes I will let me talk to your mom."
Mom and I decide Tuesday is a better day I will pick them up when the older one gets out of school.

So know its Tuesday afternoon, I decided to stop by the library and return some books before picking up the girls. While grabbing my books I shut one door of my car and try to open another one when I realized one  very important car keys are sitting on the front seat and all my car doors are locked!!!!

That's right I locked my keys in my car... that's next to impossible to do in my car but I managed to do it anyway!!!

To make matters worse my cell phone is in my purse that is also in my car!!!

Oh wait I have a spare key that just happens to be in my purse that is still i n my car!!!

So I ponder for a few minutes what my next course of action should be...I walked in the library and politely asked if I can use their phone. Luckily I am a frequent patron of the library and they allowed me to use the phone. I called my dad (his is one of the few cell phone numbers I know) and asked him to call me sister to tell her to pick up the 9year old from school since I couldn't at this point. I then called a friend and asked if I walked over to the police station (her husband is a police officer) would they unlock my car even though they are not suppose to do that anymore. She said probably cause I know some of them.

So off I go to the police station which thankfully is right next to the library and after much pleading and throwing myself on their mercy an officer (said friend's husband) unlocked my car for me. It was not an easy task but he was able to do so....thank goodness for the police!!! (Who says that lol).

After returning the library books I drive to my sister to collect my cute little nieces and to embark on a whole new adventure. 

I will tell you that story tomorrow. 


  1. This story right here is one of my biggest fears, locking my keys in the car. Glad you are on good terms with the popo. :-)


  2. Wow, Michael! That sounds so hectic! At least they were able to open your car for you!! Did the rest of your day get better?

  3. I have done this 2 in as many years both time at the school were I work I had to call the Shariff at lest half an hour away and get him to come open my doors for me . he just laughs.what a good man !

  4. I dont know if my day got better but it was interesting all day

  5. One time I locked my keys in the car while stranded on the interstate with cars whizzing past me. Luckily I did grab my cell phone when I got out of the car. A couple police cars passed me before a man pulled over and offered to break into my car. Another time I panicked while driving my car because I thought I left them in the store! Key cause me lots of stress. I'm the police where able to help you.

  6. I also meant to say what cute nieces I am glad that I am related to them. :)


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