Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am Not Being Dramatic, I am Sick: Part 1

I was debating if I should post the story about my appendix rupturing. It cant be that exciting of a story and I am sure I am not the only persons who had a ruptured appendix that required surgery that day but then I thought parts of it are funny. And I do like to share my stories. And I do have a lesson to share.

Do you ever think about your appendix? I never did. Currently I think about it all the time. If something was wrong my mind never went to maybe its my appendix and being a bit of drama queen you would think I would go straight to the appendix but nope not me. So here is my story....

On Saturday after lazying around the house all day (it was a snow day and no kid weekend) I started to feel a little sick. I was kind of pissed that I wasn't feeling well I wanted a nice relaxing weekend not I am getting sick weekend. But all night I just felt icky and I was sure I was getting some horrible stomach flu. All day Sunday my symptoms keep getting worse which at this point was only abdominal cramps.

Some time Sunday night I started vomiting and by Monday morning I felt better just very very tired. So I decided to stay home from work so I could sleep I figured the worse had passed. The BF offered to stay home and take care of me on Monday but I figured all I was doing was sleeping and I would be fine.

But soon I started having horrible horrible pain in my side. As long as I didn't move it didn't hurt but even reaching for the remote was causing me more pain than I could imagine.

I then did what every person does when faced with a mysterious illness....I Googled my symptoms. Only for once Google failed me. According to Google I had anything from kidney stones to an ovarian cysts. So then I tried WebMD which seemed to think I was having a problem with my gall bladder. I then did what any smart girl does I called my mommy. Who told me I didn't sound (she claims (and she probably can) that she can tell by my voice when I am sick and when I am being dramatic) sick and I just have a stomach flu and probably pulled a muscle vomiting.

So I laid in bed wishing away the pain. But it didn't go away it got worse and now just wiggling my toes was causing lots of pain. I texted The BF's mom and asked if she would be willing to bring by some Chicken Noodle Soup and Sprite (That always helps my upset stomach) she told that was no problem she was running errands and would stop by as soon as she was done.

In the mean time the pain is more than I can handle so when The BF calls me to check up on me I ask can you come home I think I need to go to the Dr something isn't right and I don't think I can drive myself. Being an awesome BF he immediately agrees to come home and get me.

Since I am me I decided I cant go to the Dr without showering. Where I decided I couldn't go anywhere with out shaving my legs. That's right I am withering in pain and I am vain enough to shave my legs before leaving my house. About this time The BFs parents show up with my soup only his mom doesn't think I have the stomach flu and she wants me to go to the Dr. soon because my complexion was grey. Which I guess was not a flattering color on me.

Once The BF shows up he takes me to the Dr who after making me pee in a cup and taking blood tells me that my white blood cell count is dangerously high but they don't know whats wrong with me. And they are worried that they cant do any tests because I am in so much pain. They want to send me to the hospital so they can manage my pain while performing test.

Luckily they let The BF drive me to the hospital instead of sending me by AMBULANCE!!!!

On the way to the hospital, on a road so full of potholes I am amazed we made it, I called my mom and told her what the Dr. said and my mom (still from only hearing my voice) "they are being silly you are not that sick!!!!!!" True story that's what she said. (In her defense I was bizarrely calm. Really really calm and if she had seen that my complexion was grey she would have believed I was sick).

Okay this post is getting long I will continue the rest of my saga tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like MY mother!

    (And, I'd want to shave my legs, too)

  2. Im very glad I did shave since I ended up having surgery

  3. Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you are on the mend and feeling well again soon! Make sure you are taking care of yourself.

  4. Scary! Plus, I can just see myself doing the same thing: downplaying the symptoms until someone else tells me to see a dr. I'm looking forward to part 2! ~Tui p.s. I found you via #commenthour :)

  5. LOL... Love how moms are. lol... I called my mom on my way to the hospital in labor and tell her to head to the hospital and she says... "are you sure" LOL... She did not question but a sec. cause a contraction hit and I was screaming and saying real bad stuff at the top of my lungs in her ear. LOL...
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  6. I really hope you feel better soon!

    Came by on the Thoughtful Thur. Hop...
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  7. Been there done that, only they got mine out just before it ruptured. I avoided going to the doctor until the next morning to try to save money (we didn't have insurance at the time) and I didn't want to go to the ER. I knew that when I had a conversation with my Gramma that night (she had been gone for 10 years) that I was in trouble. I had to drive myself to the doctor because my (now ex-) husband didn't believe that I was sick. Next thing he knew, he was getting the call that I was already in surgery. Ha. Showed him.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!!!


  8. Its been a roller coaster. I am doing good except out of the blue with no warning I get really tired and need a nap. Luckily my boss had the same thing happen to her so my work schedule has been very flexible.

  9. I always tell my daughter she's not sick. She's my drama queen/hypochondriac.
    My Hubby had his rupture when he was a child. Worst. Experience. Ever! So sorry you had to suffer!!

  10. Mom is usually right and can tell, just be my voice when I am sick and when I am being crazy. I think her mom sense was off because she is having surgery next week.

  11. This sounds scary. Glad I already know you are ok. And great job leaving us waiting in anticipation for more.


  12. Thanks Chasing Joy....its been a long couple of weeks and I am always in need of a nap but I am ok.

  13. Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday.


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