Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am Not Being Dramatic, I am Sick: Part 2

After arriving at the hospital (and the girl who checked me in was overly happy to see me...Oh yea the clinic just called about you) a nurse takes me to my room and as we are passing the bathroom she asks if I would be able to give a urine sample. I would really like drugs before I have to move but more important I have not had anything to drink beyond a few sips of water I doubt I could pee (why do I always blog about pee) at that moment.

They install me in a room and start doing all the fun stuff they do, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels and heart rate After they gather this info they give a little something something to take the edge of but not get rid of the pain. Soon they are hooking an IV up to my arm....or at least trying to hook one up. Apparently the first one the nurse tried to use was defective. Yes that's right defective and soon blood is dripping out of my arm all over the place.

This caused me to start turning gray again and I am immediately given oxygen (love oxygen its amazing I am going to start demanding it every time I go to the hospital or Doctors office) and the nurse takes out my bad IV and tries to give me another one and not having much success she calls another nurse to come help her (apparently the apparatus they use is a new design and they really don't like it).

Soon the ER Dr comes and starts asking me all the same questions the other Dr at the clinic asked. I was slightly annoyed (I am still in pain) that the two places didn't share more information with each other but I calmly (this is really out of charter) answer all the questions. The ER Dr tells me that the problem could be anything (duh Google told me that). He would like to do more blood work and run some tests on me. He explains that he would like to start with an ultrasound because he does not like to do CAT Scans on woman in their child bearing years if he can avoid it because of the radiation.

I would like to take a moment here and ask why is everyone so concerned for my unfertilized eggs. Those things are 36 years old, any that are still viable are apparently strong little suckers and a little radiation is not going to hurt them. And if I am lucky the radiation will kill them and I will be infertile.

Soon the lady from the lab is here to take more blood. Only know my blood is not flowing like an avalanche coming down the mountain (name that song) and it takes forever for them to collect their 3 vials of blood. After a little more time a very nice tech comes to take me away to have the ultra sound. Which was a new experience in pain.

After 30 minutes the Dr came in said everything from the ultra sound looked good. No Ovarian cysts, Gall Bladder, Kidney or Liver issues. Now that they have ruled out all those things he would like to do a CAT Scan. I call my mom and tell her this and although she is not convinced I am sick she asks if I want her to come to the hospital. I tell her wait after they decide whats wrong.

After the horrible Cat Scan the Dr comes in and says "Your about to give birth to....a very inflamed appendix We have called the on call surgeon and he will operate on it tonight." And as the Dr is telling me this nurse comes in and gives me morphine. I have never been so happy in my life....I have morphine and oxygen. Its the best combination of happy ever.

I am soon calling both parents and my mom makes me cry. Yup that's right I am laying in a hospital bed about to have major surgery and my mom made me cry. Now I realize my mom was teasing me and trying to make me laugh but the morphine was doing its job and I cried instead (sorry if I made you feel bad mom).

About this time the surgeon comes in and tells my that my appendix needs to come out immediately the CAT Scan showed some fluid in the area and they are worried its perforated (which is a nice way and less threatening way of saying it burst).

Now mom and step-dad are with me and they are getting ready to wheel me away and I start worrying about my nails. My polish was all chipped and faded and I was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to get a mani/pedi any time soon. I am not kidding I cant make this stuff up I am moments away from going into surgery and I am worried about my manicure. I need therapy!!!!

Did I mention this whole time that The BF was in the room with me except for leaving briefly while I was getting an ultra sound to go get something to eat. He never left my side. He made me laugh and kept me calm the whole time even offered to sneak me ice chips when they told me I could not have any.

Tomorrow all about waking up in the middle of surgery....okay really slept right through it. Tomorrow will be why I hate hospitals


  1. Sheesh - was he trying to be funny there for a moment when he said, "You are about to give birth to..." I would have thought I was one of those ladies who doesn't know they are pregnant until the big day! Thank goodness for morphine, o2 and your kind boyfriends! Looking forward to part 3... :) ~Tui

  2. I think he was trying to be funny but the morphine kicked in and Im not sure of a lot of things. lol

  3. It is amazing you stayed calm. I'd have been freaking out over the IV incidents.


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