Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm to Tired to Stop the Crazy Train Today

I know yesterday I promised part 3 of my appendix rupturing saga but I need to take a brief moment and get something off my chest.

I promise to complete my tale and if I get time i'll post it later today but for the moment I am going to act a little crazy.

You have been warned!!!!

Yesterday I finally had a good look at the 3 little scars that I now have due to my surgery. And they are little and I think for the most part will not be a big deal except the one in my belly button. That scar I am very unhappy with.

It is hideous and runs horizontal so you can tell that its is not natural and something happened. And its not like I go around wearing mid-riff shirts showing off my belly button. No one will ever see it except The BF and like most men he could care less but I care because before this I had a perfect belly button. I know it was perfect because my mom told me it was perfect. She knows it was perfect because she paid a lot of money to make it perfect (that's right I had cosmetic surgery at 4).

It really was perfect and amazing and an example to all other belly buttons. I was so proud of it that when I was 30 and I wanted to pierce it...I didn't. I actually pierced my abdomen above my belly button so I wouldn't mar my otherwise perfect belly button.

And now its ruined!!!!

You may return to regularly schedule program.


  1. MJ that is not crazy....granted your health is important! however, you know the deal behind your belly button and now all that has been kicked to the curb. I had a surgery before I had my son and I had both of my children naturally, Buttttt because of the surgery I have this ugly scar that will never go away alone. yes it is almost 9 yrs ago but I never had this issue until I needed to have surgery. Yes I am alive but this scar is about 4 inches long and it annoys me to my core. But never the less I am grateful to see you post this and I am grateful to reply because we survived! Love ya!!

  2. Hey MJ - Everything you feel is important! Scars are traumatizing because they interfere with our idea of who we are. My best friend was in a car crash and wound up with so many scars... One day he little nephew drew scars all over himself with a felt pen so he could "be like her." Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. See you tomorrow! :) ~Tui

  3. LOL This is crazy... but in a good way :-) I'm sure the scar will improve over time.

  4. This is not crazy as your belly button had meaning behind it. It really means something to you. Hopefully it heals and it gets back to the way you know it to be. Thanks for sharing

  5. Omg you made me laugh in a good way. I can picture the image perfectly. Why because I had back surgery and when I woke up ah my face looked like a pumpkin. Left a tiny scar on my eye from the swelling. Yikes. I am glad you are feeling better and I miss commenthour.


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