Monday, December 12, 2011

At Least my Hair Looks Good

You may have noticed that once again I have been absent from my blog and my tweets are few and far between. I guess the world was not done with my family. In fact I would be surprised if there was an Emergency Room in Northern Utah my family hasn't visited in the last few weeks.

As you know my appendix ruptured and I had to have emergency surgery right before Thanksgiving and we all thought that was scary but things did not stop there oh no. That was only the beginning of ER visits for my family.

Since mom was scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery we decided to have our stocking decorating Christmas Party early so here we were all over at moms when my sister (very dramatically) says to my step-dad, "Whats wrong with your face?" As we all turn our attention to him we notice his face his droopy and his speech is slurred. So my sister and mom rush himthe the local ER were they inform us its not a stroke but Bells Palsey.

The following Monday mom has her surgery as scheduled only that evening my sister notices my dad is worse so she takes him back to the ER (which luckily was down the hall from moms hospital room). After the Dr telling us again it was Bells Palsey my sister took him home very unsatisfied with the answers we are getting. After more appointments and tests that we insisted on the determined he had a stroke.

Just when we thought things were moving forward and people were getting better my mom texts me and says:
  • MOM: Grandma T is being transported to the hospital. She is having a heart attack. Your sister is with Pa. I will let you know what is happening.
Suddenly my life is like a bad soap opera. I immediately drive through the treacherous canyon. to go sit with my mom and niece while my sister takes my step-dad to the Emergency Room to be with his mom who ended up getting life flighted to a hospital in a bigger city.

Just when we thought everything was quite again (grandma is doing very well they were able to clear out the blockage, place a stint in her artery and place a temporary pacemaker) we had to (and by we I mean my sister) rush my sister to the Emergency Room. Yup hospital staff now knows us by our first now. Moms leg was swollen and the Drs were worried about a blood clot. Luckily they didn't find one.

Needless to say December has been a rough month for us. I want to skip it and go straight to 2012. Nothing bad can happen in 2012 except that world ending thing. But after everything we have been through that doesn't seem like that big of a deal.


  1. What a crazy month for you! I'm so sorry there's been so much illness and heartache in your life recently, Michael. Here's hoping 2012 brings health, happiness and joy to your family!!!

  2. I've been wondering what was going on...hugs, well wishes, and all of that stuff.

    You know, your family members could have just told you that they were jealous of your hospital stay, they didn't need to get in on the act themselves. Just saying... :)

  3. Hey MJ, I hope all of the bad stuff is happenign now to make for an unevenful and joyful 2012

  4. Wow these actions would weigh on anyone heart. I am so thankful that everyone was able to pull out from all of these sudden events. Each of you are strong!! Hang in there MJ and family....each of you are in my prayers!


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