Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dancing in the Dark

Recently I have become very obsessed with being prepared for a natural disaster and how I would survive in case of said disaster. If I survived would I become a causality of my own stupidity? Or would my survival instincts kick in? Do I even have survival instincts?

This all started last week when during a snow storm we briefly lost power to the house. It was only out for a less than an hour so it was not a big deal (unlike my cousin who lost power for three DAYS!!!!) but The BF was not at home and it was just me and the 6 year old "pseudo" stepdaughter. 

I was busy playing on the laptop when poof no more lights. I sat there for a second and yelled to the 6 year old asking if she was okay. She giggled and said, "Yes but I cant see." I grabbed my phone (thank goodness for that flashlight app) and went looking for her. When I found her she had a look that said now what. I looked at her and said we need to find the flashlights. That's when I realized I have no idea where we keep the flashlights. We would have just sat in the dark except the 6 year old knew where the flashlights were kept. 

So at this point I started thinking my mom (she has such faith in my abilities) was right I wouldn't survive if a catstropic disaster happened. I am a girl who hates "roughing it". I'm a girl who surrounds herself with creature comforts unapologetically. But does that make me automatically unable to survive? 

I start to worry that if I survive that apocalyptic earthquake that is suppose to occur any day now in Utah I'll still end up a causality because I don't know where anything is and to be honest I am not sure how to use most of them (except of course for flashlights).  Seriously what would I do...you cant rely on the government to provide help. 

I do have a 72 hour kit in my car but I won it in a drawing and I am not sure whats in it beyond a tent (which I hope has instructions) and some granola bars which are probably not good any more.

So okay I didn't know where the flashlights where but I was with someone who did and it doesn't matter that she was 6 years old. I think the reason I don't know how to do these things is because I surround myself with people who do and that's a kind of survival skill...right??? 

I mean I won't sit around and not pitch in I just need someone to tell me what needs to be done so   I can do it. 

Luckily I am surrounded by those who do know and at least one of them is bound to survive what ever disaster strikes and I can just ride their coattails to surviving. 

Now that I have that all figured out I can relax and go back to my comfortable life and now I at least know where we keep the flashlights.


  1. I've had similar thoughts. When we lived in downtown Chicago I always wondered what would happen if a natural (or unnatural) disaster hit the town. There were only three ways out of town and that made me a bit nervous. I read a book called Emergency by Neil Strauss. It was a great read and made me think about survival in a different light. I'd recommend reading it.


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