Monday, January 23, 2012

All I Need is Some Milk

I hate going to the grocery store.

That's a strange way to start a thought but I want to make it perfectly clear that I hate it. You may be thinking hate is a strong word but in this moment its completely accurate. So I will say it again...

I hate going to the grocery store.

I hate everything about it. I hate how they are sneaky and put the milk in the back of the store. I hate all the goodies in the checkout line taunting me. And I really hate how they keep moving things around. You just get use to an item being in one place and they move it across the store.

As a single I ate out a lot not because I couldn't cook but because I often didn't have any food in my house to cook. Rarely going to the store except for coffee and beer. Once when I was really sick a friend came by to check on me. She, because she is a good person, decided to make me something to eat. She opened my fridge then walked away disgusted that she only found filtered water, cocktail olives, maraschino cherries and beer (I'm sure I had some condiments also). She left (with my debit card) went to the store and bought me food then cooked me some soup.

But with all that being said I have come to enjoy my time at the grocery store. I still hate it but its a time for me to have some quite.

Yeah that,s right I said it...its time for quite time at the grocery store.

I leave The BF and the "pseudo" stepkids behind, take my list and meander around the grocery store on Sunday morning. (There are always less people at the store early on Sunday).

I have found since moving in with The BF that I never have quite moments.

And I am use to my escape from reality time, its been one of the hardest adjustments for me until I discovered the secret jewel of grocery shopping by myself.

I still hate going to the grocery store but at least I can have some me time while I am there.


  1. For several years, my husband and I have been lucky enough to squeeze in "date nights" at the grocery store. Kills two birds with one stone, really. (Three if you shop inside your budget.) ;)

    1. If I take The BF to the store I will go over budget he has no control in the grocery store.

  2. I hate it, too. Especially at 9 months pregnant. It's debatable whether I'll go postal next time I waddle there. Stopping from SITS. :)


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