Friday, January 13, 2012

Dont Ask me Ask Google

I want to start this post by saying I don't think I am the smartest person in my family. I think the smartest person is my baby sister.  I don't want to be mean to the other siblings but you all know its true. She is very book smart and pretty street smart...not living on the mean streets of the big bad city smart more practical smart. Of course she is also pretty weird but that's a story for another post.

Back to me not being the smartest that doesn't mean I am not pretty smart. My mom would say I have a smart mouth. The BF says I am a smart ass. I think that I excel at finding the answer. Even before the World Wide Web took over I knew how to find answers. I am good at. I am also pretty good at retaining the information I learn.

This has let to a recent and bizarre phenomena in my family....ok its just mom and the health nut sister but close enough.

Its been going on for awhile but I have only just noticed it.

My family (again mom and health nut sister) asks my random questions and I am expected to know the answer...let me give you a few examples.

Mom, Health Nut Sister and the Nieces went to a local restarunt that has a daily trivia question.
If you get the question right you get a free dessert or appetizer.
The question that day was
A pregnant lady named her children: Dominique, Regis, Michella, Fawn, Sophie and Lara.
What will she name her next child? Jessica, Katie, Abby or Tilly?
My mom texted me and asked my what the answer was.
I texted her back Tilly. I was correct and they got free dessert.

Just the other day my mom sent me the following text.
Who was the female Prime Minister of England?
Margaret Thatcher I answer.

And then of course there was the question that sparked a bizarre conversation from my sister wonder who was the male character in Taming of the Shrew.

And just today my mom wanted me to find out some information for her. 
I told her she should just Google it and she said but you are so good at it.
I told her but I am not Google and she said even Health Nut Sister said to ask me.

Now I am wondering when did I become the family alternative to the internet? 

To be honest if I don't know the answer (and sometimes I do for no good reason) I just pull out my phone/laptop or other device and Google it. 

Why can't my family do that?

The answer from my mom, "Why should I Google it I have you!!!!" Really???

My family is weird.


  1. That's too funny! So how did you know the answer for the free dessert? :)

    Thanks for celebrating SITS Day with me!

    1. Stephanie I googled it. LOL. The answer is based on the musical scale do re mi fa so la ti do. The mom was on ti and the only option was Tilly.


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