Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am not Inviting You to my Cocktail Party

This is a text conversation I recently had with my Health Nut sister

  • Sister: Whats the mans name in taming of the shrew that tames elizabeth taylor?
  • Me: Richard Burton
  • Sister: Is that the characters name? I want the characters name
  • Me: Petruchio...I think thats how u spell it. 
  • Me: Why do you want to know his name and why did you want to know at 620am
  • Sister: I think its a valid ? at 620....
  • Me: Nothing is valid at 620 but why did u wnt to know
  • Sister: It was bugging me...no real reason
  • Me: At 620am u were bugged because u didnt know the name of a character in Taming of the Shrew? Next time Google it.
  • Sister: Why? I have you
  • Me: Thank u I think. Why were you thinking of Taming of the Shrew anyway
  • Sister: Because its my story
  • Me: No its not u just think it is. Your story is Much Ado About Nothing
  • Sister: I dont understand last sentence please compute
  • Me: U make mountains out of mole hills. Its a very funny play. U should read it
  • Sister: I should. I am a Shrew I need petruchio
  • Me: No The Baby sister is a shrew . U r misguided.
  • Sister: Ya know I just wanted to be elizabeth taylor and u ruined it.
  • Me: She was married 8 times and died alone
  • Sister: Slight insight on her part...
  • Me: Im just saying she was a very sad and tragic lady
  • Sister: U just added rotten milk to my perfect cocktail
  • Me: I just believe u deserve much more than a sad life. You deserve a partner to walk through life with in good and bad times
  • Sister: I need petruchio! A ring leader, a man with a set of balls, a dominus
  • Me: Nope u dont petruchio he was mean to Katherine...go read the play. He was cruel.
  • Sister: Maybe I need some cruelty...he wasnt cruel in the movie...I am referring to the movie.
  • Me: Rewatch it...he was very mean in parts they just made it funny.
  • Sister: I shouldnt of invited you to my cocktail party.
  • Me: LOL...I love u. I did say you deserve a better life than Liz Taylor
  • Sister: Its the concept of  petruchio ur literal ass is missing
  • Me: I want you to strive for more
Yet another conversation brought to you by the Society for Dysfunctional Conversations


  1. I love this whole conversation! And all at 6:20 AM!

    Stopping by from SITS! Happy New Year!

  2. Found your blog on SITS. This post is hysterical!

  3. Thank you both. Its the kind of conversation that happens in most families...I hope!!!!

  4. This? Was freaking hilarious!!! Totally a convo I'd have with one of my sisters. LOL

  5. Thank goodness its not just my family.

  6. Now I don't feel so bad keeping my Hubby awake in bed the other night worried about using a new faucet in our bathroom when we are going to remodel it in 2 years & I really want to use that faucet in the bathroom we haven't even built yet. It was important at the time.

  7. OMGoodness, that was great! And I agree I love Much Ado About Nothing!

  8. @Mimzy Wimzy I think that a perfectly normal conversaton to be having late at night.

    @Pepper I love Shakespeare

    @Diane Thank you

  9. From Wikipedia: "In the English language, the word shrew is used to describe a woman given to violent, scolding, particularly nagging treatment, as in Shakespeare's play The Taming of the Shrew. The animals of the same name were believed historically to behave aggressively and with cruelty, and to have a venomous bite; the term 'shrew' was then applied to a person thought to have a similar disposition."

    I'm glad you think so highly of me.

  10. Baby Sister I apologize your not a shrew you are just really bossy and a little mean.

  11. Hilarious! I thought I was the only one that went through these types of shenanigans with loved ones ;-)

    But I bet you guys are a hoot together and make some awesome party hosts!

    btw: came over from #commenthour


  12. Your blog posts are always so funny! I love it.


  13. Oh it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has that kind of convesation with her baby sister.


  14. Hilarious! It's great that you preserved this whole exchange. Maybe one day you'll read this aloud at her bachelorette party!


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