Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Perfect Homemade Gift for Moms

I am not one to do crafts or homemade gifts. I am busy and to be honest I am not all the creative. And I love to shop for myself and others so why make something when I can buy it!!! But recently I have been trying to save money. Do get me wrong I still shop...a lot. I just wait for better deals.

So when it came time to take my nieces shopping for their mom's Christmas gift I decided we would make a gift but what do we make I have no crafting skills. Then I discovered a fun easy project for kids to do when they want to make a gift for moms.

I have already used it twice. Once with my nieces and once with the "pseudo" step-kids. Its fun and moms love the gift. I need more kids in my life to teach this perfect gift to.

What could have me all excited? Why sugar of course!!!!!

Sugar scrubs to be more precise.

Dont judge I buy my olive oil at Sams club
Now you can make super complicated sugar scrubs with expensive ingredients are you can make them with items you probably already have in your house.

  • Olive Oil 
  • Sugar
  • Water
I know your thinking I have all those items at my house.

So do I.

I like to add two more ingredients but they are not necessary

  • Essential oils
  • Food coloring
Measure out a cup and 1/2 of sugar in a bowl. Add a Tablespoon of water and essential oils if desired. Add 1/4 cup of olive oil and stir stir stir. At this time you can add in food coloring.
"Pseudo" step-daughter stirring

I add food coloring to help the recipient of the gift (My sister and The Exwife/friend) to distinguish between the two different kinds of sugar scrub. Both times we did a citrus scrub to energize and a lavender scrub to relax.

That way each child can make one and give it to their mom. Told you I was brilliant.

Some people will tell you to use sugar that is unrefined but for those of us with sensitive skin the smaller granules from processed sugar is less abrasive and less likely to irritate.

Others will say not to use olive oil and go buy some expensive oil that costs a lot and adds stress to your life because its not easy to find in small towns. I say olive oil is perfect. It softens the skin and you can cook with whats left over.

If you don't have essential oil add a little coco powder for an exotic scrub.

Once everything is mixed place in a container with a lid and you are done....told you I was brilliant.


  1. LOVE this! My little niece made this for me for Christmas (with her mom's help.) Such a great gift.

  2. I love this idea and will definitely be making some for my friends birthday to go with her homemade lip balm I am making.

    1. Homemade lip balm I think I need to know how to do that.

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