Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shimmy and Shake

Some days my only goal is to see how long it takes my mom to say my name in exasperation.

Not in an angry way. In that way that says I have no idea why you are the way you are and I don't know what to do with you.

I cant decided if this is normal or not. After all at the age 36 should I be this excited to see my mother sigh in frustration at her offspring..of course after she sighs she usually laughs because I am being goofy.

Take for example the other day. I drove my mom to a Dr's appointment as we were walking out of the room I did a little shimmy dance. My mom looks at me and said, "I bet you didn't think I would notice you did that." My response was "I bet you didn't think I would do that in the middle of the Dr's office." Mom sighed and smiled. Unfortunately she didn't say my name in exasperation. It was a fail on my part. I will need to try harder.

But to be honest I get this trait from her. I remember once back when I was a harden teenager my mom dragged me and my siblings to a Christmas village. But as a teenager I had no desire to be with my family and as I am walking around sullenly my mom all the sudden grabs my hands and starts dancing around with me to Christmas Carols. Beyond being mortified I learned a valuable lesson....

Ok I didn't learn a lesson but I did learn its fun to be a little outrageous in public when you are suppose to be serious.


  1. Thats why I sing the vegy tale song at the state fair when we are looking at the vegies !

  2. Well of course you would sing the Veggy Tales done than. That's just logical.

  3. I had to read back a bit cause I missed all your December fun. Tell your folks that I hope they are getting well quickly. Did it really turn out to be a stoke?


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