Monday, January 9, 2012

He Thinks I am Cheating.

Last week (on different days) The BF and I both forgot our phones. And we had very different reactions.

The BF enjoyed his no phone day. In fact The BF and one of my brothers had an enlightening conversation on Facebook. (Have I ever mentioned I have 2 brothers. I don't talk about them often because they are not as fun as my sisters. Ok they are fun but its not a universal fun like my sisters. Its more of an acquired taste).

Well today was enlightening. I left my phone at home and it was very nice not to look at it all day. The bad thing was I didn't get to talk to the gf at all is that sad or what
  • Brother #1:  If I forget my phone I have to go back for it or I have panic attacks
  • The BF:  Not me it's actually kinda nice not having it in my hand.
  • Brother #1: Don't know how you do it. If my phone is in another room I swear I hear it ringing. My Nexus completes me
  • The BF: Do you get a little tingle when you plug it in.
  • Brother #1:  No but if it has been a busy day and she dies before I can lug her in I cry a little
  • The BF:  Damn thats sad...
Me on the other hand...I was having a nervous break down. I keep using my moms (I was hanging with mom and stepdad) phone for everything. But I don't know anyone's phone number. I couldn't text anyone or really call anyone. And it was a pain to get online. And I was very unhappy.

This brings up an on going dispute between me and The BF....My phone. 

He accuses me of having an affair and calls my phone My BF.

You often hear him saying your other BF is ringing, better go answer them. 

And I am not sure what the big deal is its not like I am on it all the time or stop talking to him in the middle of a conversation to answer a text....Oh wait I do do that.

Maybe I should work on it...I do want to have a healthy relationship.

Of course he will have to put me above his other GF....his truck.


    1. In a past relationship I was in, I labeled his computer "my other girlfriend." Luckily, he found that humerous. I joke now that I'm divorced that I don't need a man, I have an iPad.

    2. Umm just thought I would tell you since you are part of the Android army all your contacts are synced to your Gmail account

    3. I know that David but I didnt have the laptop when I was with the parents. I was fine once I was back at work.

    4. @Lindsey I dont know if he thinks its as funny as I do. lol

    5. Haha - luckily my phone has not been nicknamed....yet! It's sorta sad how dependent we are on these phones now - I used to know everyone's number by heart and was able to rattle off any number you told me. Is it shameful I don't even know my Mom's cellphone by heart now? I know mine. Not even the hubs since he moved!

      I was going nutty at Christmas because for some reason there was a problem with the Trinidadian micro-sim that we bought for my phone - it just REFUSED to work. I was without phone or Internet or data for two weeks yet I still kept it in my pocket and 'tested' it frequently every day.

      It's just something about that weight of technology being held in your hand......


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