Monday, January 2, 2012

To have a New Years Resolution or Not!!!

I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions. I end up breaking them rather quickly and then I feel bad. That's a crappy way to start a new year. This year however I did make a few resolutions but I have decided to call them goals. After all its ok to stumble on the way to your goal...people admire you when you pick yourself back up and continue on.

They just look at you sadly when you break your resolution the 1st week of the year.

So here is one of my 2012 "GOALS"

I am going to purge my books!!!!

What you say has the the world ended? Has a girl named Michael lost her mind? Is there a new world order?

All very good questions but no none of those things have happened (although to be honest its possible I lost my mind a LONG time ago).

My problem is to purge the 557 books I own (this does not include any of the books I have bought or received in the last 6 months nor the 50+ books on my kindle), I need to read the ones I haven't read yet. And I am betting that I have not read at least 200 of the books.

The big question is why do I have 200 books I haven't read? And the answer is I don't know why. I try not to ask questions that will cause me to think to hard but the hard truth is I am a book hoarder. And I have decided I am not going to hoard them any more so here is my plan.

  1. I am going to organize my books so I know what I have and don't accidentally buy repeats.
  2. I am not going to keep books that I don't like (weird I know but I do that).
  3. I am going to read the books I own and decide if I like them (this may take a year or two because I still have to read other books).
  4. I will pass on, toss or sell any books that I have had for over 7 years that I have not reread or thought about once I finished it.
  5. I will pass on, toss or sell any books that I started reading but didn't not finish for whatever reason.
  6. I will borrow more books from the library even if that means I have to be on a waiting list and I am not able to read the book for a month or two (this will save me money also).
And I have already started. Yesterday I read a book I have had for 4 years but never read.

You can find my review of the book on A Girl Named Michael Reads a Book.

I will share my other 2012 Goals as soon as I start working on them.

What goals did you set for 2012?


  1. I don't make resolutions because they make me focus on the negative. Instead I just keep on trying to improve myself on a regular basis.

  2. Hey there hunni! Yeah I told myself that I would NOT make or indulge in resolutions...I think they are negative and like you said a crappy way to start the year off. Who in the world wants to start the year off with known failure on the brain. So yes I like the word goals and like Linsdey stated....lets just keep on trying to improve ourselves!! That we know we can do! :)

  3. Only positive goal setting this year.

  4. I'm not a fan of New Year's Resolutions of my friends said, "Every day is the beginning of a new year!" I like that because I like to live in the right now. (Oh, and I purged our bookshelves this weekend too.)

  5. Any books you want to pass on to me....oh wait I'm getting rid of books not getting more.

  6. I've decided to try to set a monthly goals instead of a yearly one this year. Maybe if I break it into small pieces I might actually accomplish something. Of course, I haven't set any for January yet and it is half over.


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