Friday, December 16, 2011

Damn that Gravy is Good

Over the last week my family has had an out pouring of support and help. Several times friends have brought over dinner to help take a little stress of my sister who has been the primary care giver for my parents.

To say that my family has been eating well this week is an understatement they have been very well fed. But last night something very odd happened.

My sister's friend brought over dinner from a local favorite restaurant, Maddox. While dishing some food up for my mom my sister asked is this claim chowder? Her friend stopped and said no its not Friday its cream of potato soup. That's YUMMY!!! I love their cream of potato soup. But I had to leave and couldn't stay for dinner.

Later that night my mom texts me:
  • Mom: That yummy potato soup wasnt yummy potato soup. It was yummy gravy.
  • Me: Omg....thats funny. She feed you gravy in a bowl.
  • Mom: Yes, she gave some to Pa too. And now we dont have any for the potatoes.
Yup that's right my sister fed my parents, who are recovering from some serious illnesses, a bowl of gravy!!!!!!

And no one questioned why are their no potatoes in this potato soup. No one wondered why my sister friend brought over small bowls of potato soup and big containers of chicken soup. that is until they found the mashed potatoes at the bottom of the bag. And then they were upset that they didn't have any gravy for the potatoes!!!

Someone should tell my sister that if she is trying to kill them for the inheritance there isn't any inheritance. And very little insurance money.

Just another day in the life of my family.


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